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Scarborough GoldWing Light Parade

Raising money for charity the annual Scarborough GoldWing Light Parade sees hundreds of Honda GoldWing bikes light up the see front of Scarborough.

We’ve followed the parade since 2013 and you can see all our footage here.

The fabulous Honda GoldWing Light Parade returned for it's 9th event. We caught up with Paddy & Tom from Yorkshire Coast Radio and had a chat with Goldwing riders Mario & Luigi.

GoldWing Light Parade 2017

Posted on: 21/09/2017

The Seafront was ablaze with colour as the dazzling GoldWing Light Parade went round the bays. Using on-board footage we catch all the highlights of this years display.

GoldWing Light Parade 2016

Posted on: 14/11/2016

The GoldWing Light Parade returns to Scarborough raising money for the RNLI. We catch up with some of the riders and have a chat with organiser John Bates.

GoldWing Light Parade 2015

Posted on: 23/09/2015

GoldWing Light Parade Cayton Bay

The GoldWing Light Parade gets started in Style at Cayton Bay Holiday Park. We talk to the bike owners, and have a chat with the Event Organiser.

GoldWings at Cayton Bay 2013

GoldWing Light Parade Awards

The winners of the Best Lit Bikes are presented with their awards.

GoldWing Light Parage Presentations 2013

GoldWing Light Parade and Fireworks

STVN film the 6th GoldWing Light Parade on Scarborough’s Sea Front. The event is finished off with a BANG as we watch the firework display light up the South Bay.

GoldWing Light Parade 2013

Lighting up both of bays of Scarborough the dazzling Scarborough Honda GoldWing Light Parade returns raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Goldwing Light Parade 2018

Posted on: 20/09/2018